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Recycled Pallets For Sale

Brisbane Pallets - About Us

Brisbane Pallet Recyclers is a tradename of the IB International Pty Ltd group of companies, which include the divisions of IB International Mining Supplies, IB International Irrigation, and I & M Global Logistics. Brisbane Pallet Recyclers began as an arm of I & M Global Logistics and has expanded to command its own recognition in the sale of new and recycled plastic and wood pallets for export and National transport logistics by air, rail, road and sea.

Working with Brisbane Pallet Recyclers

Regular Customers of Brisbane Pallet Recyclers enjoy the benefits of working with a reputable Pallet Dealer able to address their needs, with flexible policies implementation of pallets for their warehousing, transport and export. The second hand pallet market is by nature unstable in supply and Brisbane Pallet Recyclers offers Customers the ability to meet targets with longer term strategies in place so that they may take advantage of second hand pricing wherever possible without missing their important transport deadlines. For Customers keen to replace wood with plastic in their warehouse Brisbane Pallet Recyclers is a particularly good business Partner.

We invite you to complete our enquiry form or give us a call. We are ready to assist.


1. ISPM export pallets. Brisbane Pallet Recyclers sell recycled timber pallets only. We do not heat treat any pallets ourselves. All pallets with Heat Treatment stamps (ISPM) are recycled pallets. We will always do our best to supply our customers with their preferences. If you ask for HT stamp pallets we will choose recycled pallets with these stamps. Please refer to your freight forwarders and/or Customs departments to ensure you are using the correct pallets for overseas exports. Brisbane Pallet Recyclers will not be responsible for your selection.

2. CHEP and LOSCAM pallets. Most of you are aware that Chep and Loscam pallets are hired pallets. As such it is illegal to trade or possess these pallets without an account. Many of you ask us to pick these up from you. We are not able to do this. Someone with an account with these companies will be missing the pallets you are seeking to shift. Please try to locate these people as they will continue to pay for lost pallets.